Given the current Covid-19 pandemic impact, Sunday School lessons in our churches can understandably still not commence. However, as we did last year, with the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s continuous support, we can continue to assist the children, our future congregation, in their spiritual growth.
The Sunday School lesson schedule will thus officially commence from Sunday, 31 January 2021 on the same basis as last year in that our Parents (or any family member or guardian) of the Sunday School child be provided with the necessary guidelines and tools to deliver these lessons at a time convenient to the family.


Download the Schedule of lessons for Sunday School for 2021 here. (pdf 56kb)

Update 23 March 2021: Due to the change of school holidays etc caused by amendment of the lockdown provisions in the country, we have adjusted the recommended schedule of lessons as depicted here: (pdf 773 kb).


Please select below the relevant class so as to access the Parent Guides (which are available in various languages), a short video, lesson plan and worksheet:

Pre Sunday School (aged 6 during this year)

Sunday School 1 (aged 7 during this year)

Sunday School 2 (aged 8 during this year)

Sunday School 3 (aged 9 during this year)

Sunday School 4 (aged 10 during this year)

Religious Instruction 1 (aged 11 during this year)

Religious Instruction 2 (aged 12 during this year)

Confirmation 1 (aged 13 during this year)

Confirmation 2 (aged 14 during this year)


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