Listed below are the lessons for this class with the recommended dates. Click on the link to download either the detailed Lesson, the Workbook activity for the child, a Parent guide or short Video clip where available.

Recommended date Code Lesson name Lesson Workbook activity Parent guide Video
3 May 2020 R2.10 The transfiguration of Jesus Christ pdf(188kb) pdf(286kb)  pdf(339kb) 
10 May 2020 R2.18 Statements of Jesus about the Holy Spirit pdf(198kb) pdf(399kb)

English pdf(299kb)

Afrikaans pdf(75kb)

17 May 2020 R2.23

 Jesus commissions the Apostles and

 ascends to His Father

pdf(216kb) pdf(906kb)

English pdf(297kb)

Afrikaans pdf(72kb) 

Xhosa pdf(70kb)

Zulu pdf(83kb)

24 May 2020 R2.24  Pentecost: The outpouring of the Holy Spirit pdf(288kb)  pdf(1.28mb)

English pdf(79kb)

Afrikaans pdf(63kb)

Xhosa pdf(66kb)

Zulu pdf(69kb)

Silozi pdf(72kb)

7 June 2020 R2.8 Jesus advises to strive first for the kingdom of God  pdf(195kb) pdf(377kb)

English pdf(84kb)

Afrikaans pdf(56kb)

Xhosa pdf(61kb)

Zulu pdf(62kb)

Silozi pdf(76kb)

Setswana pdf(77kb)

12 July 2020 R2.12 Jesus the Good Shepherd  pdf(237kb) pdf(383kb)

English pdf(78kb) 

Afrikaans pdf(69kb)

Xhosa pdf(64kb)

Zulu pdf(69kb)

Silozi pdf(88kb)

Setswana pdf(81kb)

19 July 2020 R2.13 Jesus teaches compassion and mercy  pdf(213kb) pdf(1.15mb)

English pdf(80kb)

Afrikaans pdf(67kb)

Silozi pdf(108kb)

Zulu pdf(76kb)

Xhosa pdf(67kb)

Setswana pdf(57kb)

26 July 2020 R2.14 Jesus speaks about helping along pdf(278kb)  pdf(433kb) 

English pdf(89kb)

Silozi pdf(118kb)

Afrikaans pdf(59kb)

Setswana pdf(81kb)

Xhosa pdf(62kb) 

Zulu pdf(63kb) 

02 August 2020 R2.15 Jesus councels us to be watchful while anticipating His coming pdf(443kb) pdf(485kb)

English pdf(79kb)

Afrikaans pdf(69kb)

Zulu pdf(73kb)

Silozi pdf(107kb)

16 August 2020 R2.19 Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane  pdf(210kb) pdf(426kb)

English pdf(99kb)

Afrikaans pdf(72kb)

Xhosa pdf(66kb)

Zulu pdf(68kb)

Silozi pdf(114kb)

Setswana pdf(89kb)

23 August 2020 R2.17 Jesus celebrates Holy Communion  pdf(270kb) pdf(476kb)

English pdf(95kb)

Afrikaans pdf(64kb)

Xhosa pdf(67kb)

Zulu pdf(70kb)

Silozi pdf(101kb)

Setswana pdf(99kb)

30 August 2020 R2.21 The sacrifice of Jesus  pdf(155kb) pdf(609kb)

English pdf(95kb)

Afrikaans pdf(68kb)

Xhosa pdf(68kb)

Zulu pdf(69kb)

Silozi pdf(101kb)

Setswana pdf(98kb)

13 September 2020  R2.6 Jesus speaks about a good heart's disposition pdf(172kb)  pdf(168kb)

English pdf(92kb)

Xhosa pdf(67kb)

Afrikaans pdf(84kb)

Zulu pdf(67kb)

Setswana pdf(100kb)

Silozi pdf(106kb)

11 October 2020  R2.9 Encounters with Jesus can bring about a change of heart  pdf(216kb) pdf(246kb)

English pdf(73kb)

Afrikaans pdf(68kb)

Xhosa pdf(71kb)

Zulu pdf(71kb)

Silozi pdf(89kb)

Setswana pdf(79kb)

18 October 2020 R2.27 The ministries in the Church of Christ  pdf(258kb) pdf(438kb)

English pdf(71kb)

Xhosa pdf(67kb)

Afrikaans pdf(69kb)

Zulu pdf(68kb)

Silozi pdf(87kb)

Setswana pdf(76kb)

25 October 2020 R2.11 Jesus raises the dead pdf(213kb) pdf(387kb)

English pdf(69kb)

Afrikaans pdf(66kb)

Xhosa pdf(67kb)

Silozi pdf(111kb)

Setswana pdf(81kb)

Zulu pdf(68kb)




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