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 Dear NACTV viewers

PLEASE NOTE: NACTV has migrated to a different broadcasting platform!

After 29 February 2020, you WILL NOT be able to receive NACTV using a Multichoice decoder.


What does this mean for NACTV viewers?

  • No broadcast via DSTV, Multichoice;
  • No assistance from Global Access Call Centre from 1 March 2020;
  • NACTV will be on a Free-to-Air (FTA) platform; (Please consult with a local installer to assist with installations);
  • The channel will run 24/7 and comes with increasing international content;
  • The channel can also be viewed via live streaming:

What impact will this move have on NACTV viewers?

  • NO monthly subscription fees will apply;
  • The current satellite dish can be retained;
  • The satellite dish does not have to be repositioned;
  • You WILL NEED to purchase and install a Free-to-Air set-top box;
  • You will also be able to view several other free channels apart from

Purchasing an FTA Set-top box

  • You can buy an FTA Set-top-Box from any preferred supplier (Game, Makro, Incredible Connection, Take-A-Lot Bid or Buy,;
  • These boxes vary in make/model and price and excludes installation costs;
  • When shopping (online or in store), ask for an FTA (Free-to-Air) Set-top box with the following specifications:
    • A combination of DVB-S2 (Digital Video Broadcast – Satellite 2nd Generation) and DVB-T2 (Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial 2nd Generation);
    • Ensure that the Set-top box is HEVC/H.265 ready for future use. (High Efficient Video Coding, is the new standard video compression);
  • The OVHD (OpenView HD) decoder WILL NOT pick up the NACTV

(Please consult with a local installer to assist with installations)


NACTV Helpdesk: 087 8222 356

Thank you for your continuous support in growing NACTV.

Eugene Jantjies

14 February 2020


… for You and Me

NACTV Migration 20200304


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