On Friday 15 February 2019, District Rector Dirk Hansen, together with his helpers, the priests

Dick Rupping and Sakkie van der Merwe, left from Windhoek to the far southern areas of Namibia.

The Saturday 16 February started off with a breakfast and a sightseeing tour; followed by a trip to Aussenkehr, 300 km further down the Orange River. The servants met with the local ministers to discuss amongst others, issues related to the MIS. The meeting took place in the church building, a construction of corrugated iron built by the community years ago. Despite extreme temperatures of 40°C, it was a most blessed and fruitful meeting. Following the meeting, the group travelled to Noordoewer (located on the border between South Africa and Namibia), a further 50 km east.

District Rector Hansen, assisted by Priest Van der Merwe, conducted the Sunday divine service at Aussenkehr, after which the servants returned to Windhoek. All in all, the brothers travelled a wide 2 160 km in three days. The Heavenly Father blessed God’s servants and his people.