The Mariannridge church was dedicated on Sunday, 29 January 2017, by Apostle A Page.
The history of Mariannridge started in 1976 with the relocation of families living in and around Durban, due to the Group Areas Act. The people came from Pinetown, Motala Farm, Clairwood, Thornwood, Cato Manor, Umlaas and other areas.
Under the leadership of District Elder Barnes, ministers from Sydenham and Wentworth supported the development of the congregation in Mariannridge. The first New Apostolic divine service was held on 31 March 1977 by the late Shepherd Harvey. The Damons’ and Schultz’ families opened up their homes for divine services during that time. Sub-deacons Vernon Hendricks, Cedric Hendricks and the late Ronnie Marajh were sent to assist in the development of the congregation on a more structured basis.
Thereafter, the local nursery school was used until the congregation moved into the Mariannridge Primary School, which was used until 2015. Ronnie Marajh was later ordained priest and oversaw the care of the congregation. He was supported by late Priest Parry Marajh.
Over the years the following ministers served as rector of the congregation: Priests Gavin Strydom, Ronald Hartzenberg
Keith Cloete, David Dettmar and Evangelists Owen Ohlsson and George Fortein.
The Church purchased vacant land and on 30 June 1988, the property at 1 Star Place was transferred to the ownership of the New Apostolic Church. Over time, the need to develop the property increased; plans were submitted and approved in November 2010 and a turning-of-the-sod ceremony was officiated by Bishop Naidoo in October 2012. A steel structure was donated and erected by District Elder Eddie Wentzel.
During February 2016, Vernon and Cedric Hendricks approached the District Elder Victor Smith with the view of constructing a church building on the church-owned property. The District Elder approached Bishop Naidoo for approval which was granted after discussion with the building department of the Church. Apostle Page established a building committee comprising of - Apostle Page, Bishop Naidoo, District Elder Smith, District Evangelist Law Vernon and Cedric Hendricks to steer the project.
After the requisite approvals, the opening of a bank account, a request from the Bishop’s office for donations and the receipt of donations, work began in April 2016. The immediate task was to preserve the existing steel structure.
The first bricks were laid on 9 May 2016. Vernon and Cedric committed their resources to the project and over the next weeks and months; many members came to lend a helping hand.
The congregation is currently served by: 1 community evangelist, 2 priests and 4 deacons, with an active membership of 93 members. The attendance during the dedication Divine Service was 191.