On Saturday 10 October, Bishop Adonis left for the Namaqualand region.

The Bishop was tasked with dedicating the new building as a gathering place for divine services in the area of Nieuwoudtville. What added to the anticipation of this event was the District Apostle’s approval of the idea that Thanksgiving could be celebrated on this day. Nieuwoudtville was also commemorating 25 years of work in the area. Much planning and labours of love went into this day with many members sacrificing their time for the preparation of the church hall.

On Sunday 11 October, members were greeted by the sound of beautiful hymns being rendered by the choir. The divine service, which was conducted by Bishop Adonis, commenced with the text word taken out of 2 Chronicles 7:12. The members experienced an opportunity to bring a special Thanksgiving offering to the altar of the Lord.
A short choral was presented to the congregation by the choir after the divine service. At the conclusion of the music hour the Bishop asked retired District Elder Petersen, who was instrumental in starting the first congregation in the area, to share his experiences with the members.
A fellowship was arranged after the divine service where many more experiences were shared.