Whilst Sunday school co-ordinators were discussing their community projects in a meeting, it was unanimously decided that they will go out on Saturday morning, 16 July 2016, to hand out soup to the community of Delft.

They chose a central spot in Delft and gathered in front of Sunray Primary School on the day to deliver their 67 minutes of kindness, hope, love, caring and sharing. All co-ordinators and Sunday school teachers arrived early the Saturday morning with soup and bread. Some of them also collected clothing which they distributed amongst the less fortunate. They could not contain their joy when the first people arrived to receive their warm cup of soup and bread. As the morning progressed, more and more people flocked to where they were stationed with their gigantic pots of soup. Across the road from where they stood, a vendor made use of the opportunity to attract customers for himself and brought out his music and sound boxes. By then the cold was setting in and this vibrant rhythmic music filled their beings, adding to the joy and warmth they felt in their souls. This is where they became aware of how wonderful the scripture correlates with the giving and caring heart.  It was quite heart-rending to see a horde of children approaching with their soup bowls and a great expectation on their faces, hoping the bowls would be filled. One of the teachers actually went into the side streets and called people to come and get some warmth for their cold and hungry bodies. The teachers also took the opportunity to speak to the community about our faith and identified the schools where our divine services take place in the community.

In about two hours the soup pots were depleted and a feeling of accomplishment nestled into their hearts as they packed up their goodies to leave.  The air filled with a little bit of nostalgia for they know, they should do this more often, not only on Mandela day. They need to reach out more and care for those who do not have, fulfilling the scripture: It is better to give than to receive.