During this winter school holiday, congregations of the Delft Bishop Area arranged an educational and fun-filled activity programme for their Sunday school children.

Instead of the Department of Health coming to educate the little ones, they actually went to them, via invitation. Some marched from various congregations down to St Vincent Clinic. The children sang songs to those who were waiting to be attended to, which was welcomed by patients and staff alike. With the help of dedicated Sunday school teachers, the children started to clean the clinic grounds, while pots of soup were prepared for the patients. While they were working, some of the teachers mingled with the patients, telling them about our faith, and to never give up no matter what their circumstances are. One of the patients commented on the initiative that was taken as she said she had never experienced this in the past and even asked when they would come again. After cleaning and playing games, the children helped to serve warm soup and bread and doughnuts to the patients. With sheer delight they served these patients, mostly the elderly, whose appreciation could be read on their faces. 

A  visit to the Fire and Rescue Department was very informative as it taught the children how to react in case of fire. They thoroughly enjoyed it as they participated in the demonstration.

On Wednesday, 6 July 2016, they undertook a trip to Kirstenbosch Gardens. They left the church by bus at 9:30, and on their way there, they sang songs and ate goodies, provided by the parents. When they reached their destination they had some breakfast provided by the teachers. This was followed by a very energetic hike. The children could explore the different beautiful and colourful plants and huge old trees. Some of them even knew what some of the plants and trees were called. After exploring the vicinity, lunch and free play, they were sad to leave as the day came to an end.

Some of the congregations also visited Coca Cola. This company has been sending buses to the congregations free of charge for a few years now. There is also a tour of the company included and a video on how Coca Cola was established. Each one normally receives a welcome cola or two.

The next day, each congregation gathered at their own congregations, played games and had a “lappies konsert”.