On Sunday 28 August 2016, confirmands of Delft Bishop Area along with their confirmation teachers and Sunday School Co-ordinators gathered at  Voorbrug Congregation to expand their knowledge of “The Vow”.

The one and a half hour presentation started with a warm welcome from the bishop area Sunday School Co-ordinator, sister Charmaine Jampies. This was followed by a short introduction by District Elder Wagenaar.
The presenter sister Liesel Moss had them in another dimension when she started the presentation with a motivational talk about peer pressure and substance abuse, which flowed automatically into “The Vow”. This part of the session outlined the importance of the confirmands knowing themselves and the reason or purpose for their existence, their ambitions and what they are striving for in life.
The word “renounce” was taken apart and explained how the powers of darkness can influence their mindset to separate them from God. This was followed by a group discussion of “All His Work and Ways”. Confirmands were made aware of the many ways Satan tries to influence God’s children. The confirmands thoroughly enjoyed the group discussion that followed, namely: Who do we obey and how? They  had great fun when the presenter had some interaction with them about the words “Until my end”, not meaning until the end of confirmation classes, but rather meaning until the end of my life here on earth.
The Vow was so completely dissected that the adult group present renewed their vow instantaneously at the end of the workshop.
With workshops like these, one can but only hope and pray that the confirmands would apply what has been taught to them and that it will last all through their lives, strengthening their faith as children of the Most High God.