On Sunday 24 July 2016, Apostle R Worship held the mid-year Sunday school service in Dunrobin for the entire congregation.

On a fresh, crisp morning, the members gathered with great expectation and excitement for the visit of Apostle R Worship. The Bishop area choir and orchestra were also invited and together with the congregation, shared their gifts of love.

The divine service was focussed on the children, but with a message for all, based on the Bible word out of Mark 10:16 “And He took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.” With music and fellowship, the Sunday School children and congregation shared in the love offered to everyone, young and old through our best Friend, Jesus Christ. The Apostle shared a few significant thoughts with the children of God in how we live as a friend to others, how we value our friendship with the one who gave His life for us, our BFF (Best Friend Forever), the Lord Jesus and that we should invest our time in friends who are truthful and can assist us in our life of faith.

After a wonderful teaching, three souls received the gift of the Holy Spirit through Holy Sealing, two baby girls and an adult male. Thereafter, the congregation celebrated Holy Communion together. It was also a special celebration for the congregation and especially for the Warwick couple who received their 65th wedding anniversary blessing, marking an extraordinary achievement together. With hearts filled with joy and souls full of love, the divine service was concluded with an outstanding rendition of “The Lord God Reigneth”, performed by the choir and orchestra.