Apostle M Diedricks conducted the divine service for the confirmands on Sunday 15 March 2015 at Erica East Congregation – a message which still vibrates in their souls.

The divine service was for all confirmands of the Apostle Area 4. The Apostle used a word given by District Apostle NE Barnes out of Titus 3:1. The message of the divine service was clear: ARE YOU READY! The Apostle started the divine service with abstracts from letters written by confirmands to him. It was clear from these that the confirmands looked forward to their confirmation, ready to serve the Lord, to help with his work and in the congregation. During the service the Apostle asked the confirmands who has been there for them during their life time up till now. Their answers were: parents, teachers, ministers, the Shepherd, God and Jesus.
The Apostle took this opportunity to ask the teachers and ministers to stand and he thanked them for their support and guidance to the confirmands.
The children could leave the divine service with joy in their hearts and spritually prepared for their day of confirmation.