Saturday, 8 June 2019 was a day of fierce competition at the annual Charlesville/Montana

Congregation Young People’s potjiekos fellowship, this year hosted at the Astra School in Montana.

Attendees feasted on 10 scrumptious pots prepared by 10 teams, before voting for their favourite. On the menu was mutton curry, vegetable pasta, a biltong pot, tripe and trotters, seafood paella, butter chicken and a bean curry pot among others.
After the votes were tallied, the Rector, Priest Hilton Barnes declared that “everyone who participated was a winner”, but ultimately only one team could walk away with the prize. This year it was team 'Flying Fish', who prepared the seafood paella.
Young People leader Lisa Nel said the event was an overwhelming success: “There was stiff competition, but the team spirit was great. More importantly, our young people and ministers enjoyed the fellowship.”