On 4 August 2019, all roads led to Voorbrug Congregation for the visit of Apostle R Worship.

It was the first divine service that the Apostle conducted in Voorbrug, since the new area boundaries. In preparation for the visit of the Apostle, the elements of the weather did not keep the choir from the choir practices.

To the divine service, rectors from Welgelegen and Table View accompanied Apostle Worship to the divine service. The congregations of Roosendal 1 and Roosendal 2 were invited to attend the divine service.

During the divine service the Apostle Worship sealed 5 adults and 12 children with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Priest Isaac de Koker was placed into a well-deserved retirement at the age of 65.

After the divine service, the Apostle had a short meeting with the congregations of Roosendal 1 and Roosendal 2.