On 5 July 2015, the Apostle Marc Diedricks held the Service for the Departed in Eindhoven Congregation to which the congregations of Delft 2 & 4 were invited.

As basis for the divine service the text word from Colossians 1:21-23 was used. The message brought was that those who were alienated from the Love of God and the Grace of Jesus Christ will through the merits and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ be added to the flock through faith and the acknowledgement of Jesus Christ.

At this divine service the following rector helpers were appointed: Priest Ricardo Almazien for Delft 2; Priest Henry Davids for Eindhoven; Community Evangelist Fred Daniels for Eindhoven; Community Evangelist Steve Oliver for Eindhoven.

The following rectors were appointed: Shepherd Leonard Cordon for Delft 4 and Community Evangelist Eddie Davids for Delft 2.

Transfers of rectors and rector helpers were also announced by the Apostle: Shepherd Michael Mitchell to Bishop Lavis; Community Evangelist G de Bruin to Sydneyvale; Shepherd Henry Pietersen to Delft 3; and Community Evangelist Ernest Fell to Voorbrug.