While visiting the sick and aged members Apostle M Diedricks asked a family in which manner he could help them.

Their request was a wheelchair for one of our senior partially blind members, sister Maria Lawak who does not stay with her relatives. She was adopted by Dorothy Jacobs.
Apostle promised her that he, with District Rector Theodore Wagenaar would make it possible. On Sunday 27 July 2015, District Rector T Wagenaar informed the Rector that Bishop B Adonis will hand over a wheelchair to sister Maria Lawak. The wheelchair was donated by one of our brothers, Mark Thornton. Mark Thornton and his family, Bishop B Adonis and District Rector T Wagenaar were present at the handover. The Rector, her priest, a few family members and Dorothy Jacobs were also present.
The family was very happy. Bishop asked Sister Maria Lawak what she would use the wheelchair for. Her first response was that she would use it to go to the house of God. She would also use it to go to the hospital.