Apostle M Diedricks served in the congregation of Voorbrug on Sunday 2 August 2015, to which the congregations of Roosendal 1, 2, 3 and Leiden North were also invited.

For this divine service the Apostle used the text from Acts 22:14 & 15. This message means that we are chosen by God, so that we can understand and know His will. That Jesus Christ is just and that we should hear his voice, so that we can become true witnesses unto all men of that which we have seen and heard.
Appointments during the divine service were made: Priest Sauls as Rector Helper for Leiden North; Priest H LaMeyer as Rector Helper for Roosendal 1; and Priest Z Soekoe as Rector Helper for Voorbrug. Ten adults and 36 children received the gift of Holy Sealing.