On Friday 04 December 2015, the choirs and orchestra of Apostle Area 4 presented a concert in Erica West Congregation.

In attendance were members from both Bishop Areas, Apostle M Diedricks, Bishop L Ravell and the host, Bishop B Adonis with Rectors of the Delft Bishop Area. The audience was entertained by the adult choir, children’s choir, a cappella choir, youth choir and a band. The theme of the concert was “Let this Christmas be Christ in me.” The concert was of a high standard. Nobody left the concert before the end. Apostle Diedricks addressed the members after the concert with a few words, amongst others that this concert served as a preparation for the visit of our Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider.
The Apostle closed the music evening with a prayer. After the prayer the members stood around talking to one another. What a beautiful Friday evening it was being with one another and with the leaders.