On Friday, 09 August 2019, the Sunday School teachers of Parkside Congregation gathered at a local

restaurant on the East London beachfront for a teambuilding session, over a hearty breakfast. Amidst discussions and plans made for the rest of the year, many laughs were shared. After breakfast, they set off on a stroll along the beachfront, while enjoying one another’s company, as well as the fresh morning sea breeze. Their get-together ended all too soon and they parted ways in very jovial spirits.

In Oxford Street Congregation the fires are burning high as the children participate eagerly in Sunday School lessons, while it is being made interactive and fun for them.  This is all in an effort to keep the fire burning high as the Year of the Child continues. A “Welcome to East London Chief Apostle” tree was set up over the weekend and the children will add their messages and decorations to the tree as it “grows”, using this as a build-up activity to December.

The Sunday School activities in various congregations are at an all-time high as the children too are feeling the blessed “vibrations” and preparations, in anticipation of Chief Apostle’s visit to East London later this year.

Chief Apostle is coming and they will see him in person, soon!