A hive of activity continued across East London as choir and orchestra practices, as well as a NACTV workshop took place at various church buildings, from 11 – 13 October 2019.

Members travelled from as far as Port Elizabeth, Middelburg, Cradock and Queenstown to join in the planned activities for the weekend. Choir rehearsals were scheduled in Buffalo Flats Congregation, while orchestra rehearsals continued in Oxford Street Congregation.  On Sunday they consolidated and had a combined rehearsal in Buffalo Flats Congregation.

A music meeting, headed by Deacon Rodriques (Head of Music) took place on Saturday morning in Buffalo Flats Congregation. Rectors, Priestly ministers and all those involved in music were present.  Deacon Rodriques inspired those present to continue the good work of assisting and developing music in the congregations. 

On Sunday afternoon the NACTV workshop was held by Community Evangelist Jantjies from Cape town and brother Denver Peacock. Members from different congregations could sign up to participate in what was a very educational and enlightening experience. Community Evangelist Jantjies introduced those present to different gadgets that could be used when filming, taking pictures or doing an interview. The basic steps on how a mobile cell phone can be used to film video clips/movies, how to take photos at different angles and how this can impact on the quality of the photo were explained.

Apostle Nene joined in the workshop a little later on which added to the joy of the afternoon.

The scheduled activities were efforts to gauge the progress and to further prepare for Chief Apostle’s visit to East London.