On Monday, 22 June 2020, the Eastern Region Young People had their weekly meeting on Facebook Live, the general topic being Social Media.

Apostle G Mintoor opened the meeting with a prayer and then gave some insight into the guidelines which New Apostolic Christians should follow when using social media and why those guidelines exist in the first place. He mentioned that we should keep our personal, professional, and religious views separate when expressing ourselves on social media and read up on the social media guidelines provided on our NAC international website. The main theme that all the guidelines had, was that we should always be respectful of one another when using social media, to stay in line with the teaching, namely to “Love our neighbour.”

After the Apostle Mintoor’s presentation, the Eastern Region Young People (ERYP) project team, along with their special guest, Kim Booysen, proceeded to relate experiences and laid out a few pros and cons regarding social media. The participants in their comments also related a few experiences and shared their views on the positive and negative aspects of social media. Some even shared advice on safety precautions that should be taken when sharing pictures and information on social media.

To end off the online gathering, the team posed a challenge to the Young People asking them to “unplug” from being on social media for an hour and do something constructive. Once they had done that, they should send their pictures through to be posted on the ERYP Facebook page.

All in all, a highly informative and interactive meeting.