Over the weekend of 13-14 July 2019, the healthcare workers from the area of Apostle Swartbooi gathered for their Health Conference in Kimberley.

Invited were healthcare workers of all disciplines from the various districts. The purpose of the conference was to improve congregation health structures, improve knowledge on home-based palliative and emergency care.

With great excitement the delegates arrived at the Kimberley Central church on Saturday, 13 July 2019. Some members travelled more than 300 kilometers to attend. Various medical professionals shared and demonstrated their expertise and experience with the delegates.

The afternoon sessions were more practical with the focus on medical emergencies that can occur during divine services. The resuscitation stations were especially enjoyed, where each delegate had to perform basic life skill training under pressure. After a very educational and exhausting day the delegates were treated with a delicious meal.

The highlight of the weekend was the Divine Service with the Apostle in Greenpoint Congregation, Kimberley. After the service the delegates had a final feedback session on the way forward and words of motivation and commitment were shared with one another.  After enjoying Sunday lunch together, the conference was concluded with great enthusiasm.