Pescodia Central Congregation scheduled their Valedictory event for 29 November 2020 at 14:00.

The Rector, Shepherd Titus, opened the event with a prayer and welcomed all. The Sunday School coordinator of the congregation introduced the 12 confirmands to the congregation. This was followed by a musical item and a word of inspiration by the Young People. Messages were expressed by the Sunday School coordinator and the Confirmation teacher. Priest Andrew Hennecker delivered an address on behalf of the ministers. A message from sister Kok, a parent of a confirmand rendered a message on behalf of the parents. A red rose was given to the confirmands to hand over to their parents as a sign of appreciation. The confirmands received their Valedictory certificate and a mug with Matthew 5:37 printed on. 

Apostle Swartbooi gave them a surprise visit. He was approached by sister Farida Shushu, the MC, to close the event with a prayer.

After the event, refreshments were given to everyone present to go and enjoy at home.