The Southern African Church and Concert Organists Society announced the 2020 SACOS Study Bursaries

 for meritorious studies in organ, organ building and church music with a closing date of 30 June 2020.

The purpose of these bursaries is to provide financial support and stimulus for the furthering of quality organ playing, organ studies, organ building, and research in the field of church music in Southern Africa. 

The categories for the bursaries included spheres such as:
• Post-graduate study bursaries - Doctoral, Masters and Honours
• Undergraduate study bursaries - Main instrument, Second instrument or Non-degree requirements
• Study bursaries for scholars
• Study bursaries for church organists.

The diamonds from Kimberley, WALDO JONES and JOSHUA VAN WYK were selected as recipients in the following:
• Waldo Jones - Church organ category for scholars
• Joshua van Wyk - Undergraduate study bursaries, Main instrument 
• Waldo Jones – Organ builders category 

This was announced by Professor Theo van Wyk, the Secretary of SACOS (SAKOV).

The Apostle Swartbooi congratulated them with the following words: “Hearty congratulations to our musicians, we wish you well in all your endeavours and trust that you will share your talents as widely as possible and utilise the bursary as productive to your own personal growth in music and the development to maintain a high standard of music and the maintenance of the instruments, but also to contribute positively to the work of God in the sphere of music”.