The Young People of Parkwood North Congregation met as per the monthly activity programme for

the Bishop Area, on Monday 11 February 2019. There was much excitement, because it was the first meeting for the two young people who were confirmed recently.

As part of the agenda they discussed the topic of “Blessing” as it is outlined in the NAC Catechism. The following key points were highlighted during the discussion: a) Blessing is God’s care for His people, b) Blessings comes about through faith in God and allowing the Lord to lead us and c) Blessings are bestowed by those commissioned by God for this purpose.

The second item on the agenda was  “Spiritual direction” - whom do we listen to and who do we allow to influence our direction?

The evening was concluded with a discussion on the upcoming Young People’s Divine Service with Apostle Lambert and the dragon boat regatta. Following the closing prayer, the Young People went on their way rejoicing!