On the morning of 1 August 2020, members at selected congregations and serving points in Tafelsig

and Lentegeur districts in Mitchells Plain, awaited in anticipation for the donations of soup and bread to arrive.

Some members, ministers and young people arrived with the promised pots of soup and loaves of bread to be enjoyed by the members of the community. Excited people from far and near gathered and formed lines with their utensils in their hands.

At the various venues, the serving was opened with a prayer of thanks to God for the opportunity to be a source of blessing to the needy and those who just wanted to participate.

This joyful experience was captured on camera of everyone who joined in the fellowship. They did not keep track of the exact number of people that they served but it ran into thousands.

The thankfulness and appreciation could be seen on the faces of all the people. However, the smiles of the members and ministers were even greater because they could provide for those who needed nourishment for their bodies.

It is always better to give than to receive. Therein lies the blessing.