The Sunday School teachers of Westridge Congregation gathered at church on Monday 6 September 2021, for a meeting in preparation for the day of Thanksgiving.

Bishop Leon Ravell spent a few minutes with the Sunday School teachers. 

The meeting was opened by the Rector, CEV Clarence Cookson, who thanked the Sunday School teachers for their sacrifices, commitment and their loving care for the Sunday School children. Great emphasis was placed on the importance of their roles as Sunday School teachers as they teach the children about God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and the work of the Apostles. All the teachers displayed their love for God's work and expressed appreciation for their role as Sunday School teachers by presenting heart-warming reasons for their thankfulness.

A concluding directive was given to all present to encourage each child to send love and greetings for those at home after each lesson, and that importance be placed on each child to be part of the Thanksgiving preparations.