On Saturday 4 May 2019, the Sunday School children of Dewaalshof, Wallacedene and Bloekombos

congregations embarked on a hike. They gathered at Dewaalshof and sang hymns in the church hall. After prayers, they were served with breakfast and each one received 2 energy bars for the hike. The Rector, Shepherd Groenewald explained that the reason for this hike was part of the build-up for the visit of Chief Apostle. He also stressed that no one will reach the Dewaalshof koppie without the one or the other and that this hike was all about teamwork.

After stopping a few times, they reached the summit in one hour and forty-five minutes, with no one left behind or struggling to get to the top. When they reached the top, they could enjoy the beauty of the surrounding farms and even see as far as Table Mountain and Gordons Bay. After many selfies were taken, they started their walk down.

Upon arriving at the church hall, they received hotdogs, coldrinks and snacks. Before they left, the rectors addressed the children and created further excitement for the visit of Chief Apostle. After prayers were said, they all returned home.