On Saturday 01 June 2019, the young people of Dewaalshof, Wallacedene, La Petite and Fisantekraal

embarked on a hike at Dewaalshof farm. This also served as a welcome to the congregation of Fisantekraal who was incorporated into the West Coast Apostle Area.

Much excitement filled the air and the rector of Fisantekraal, Community Evangelist Norman was asked to open the day with prayer. The rector of Dewaalshof, Shepherd Groenewald welcomed everyone and expressed his thanks to the young people who made time to join the hike to the Dewaalshof koppie.

Each one received a snackbar and the Young People’s leader gave a few tips on how to succeed to the top. After much joy and sweat, all reached the koppie with some help and encouragement. Pics and selfies were taken, and the surrounding beauty of nature could be enjoyed.

After 45 minutes spent on top, they descended. Upon arrival, each young person received a hamburger and cooldrink. New friendships among the young people were formed and it was agreed that this would not be their last activity together.