On Sunday 21 November 2021, the District Young People leader with the congregations’ Young People leaders of the Atlantis District, visited Groote Post, one of the congregations within the Atlantis District.

The Young People leaders attended the divine service in Groote Post congregation, where the Rector, Priest Hilton Muller conducted the divine service. After the divine service, Priest Jean Charles, the District Young People leader shared a few thoughts with the congregation. The Young People leaders were very excited to spend some time with the members.

A few of the Young People leaders prepared lunch for everyone, while the rest joined in on playing various games. There was a lot of fun and laughter going around, as well as a competition.

While the fellowship continued, the District Rector, Priest Bronkhorst also responsible for the Atlantis District and his wife paid a surprise visit and joined the fellowship.

The congregation expressed their heartfelt thanks and appreciation for a most blessed day.