Clear blue skies and beautiful summer weather, greeted the Sunday School children, teachers and

ministers of the Swellendam Bishop Area to the serenely picturesque town of Robertson, for the Day of the Child divine service to be conducted by the Apostle Allister Kriel on Sunday 27 January 2019.

At one stage it looked as if the Callie De Wet Hall would not be able to accommodate the 1 431 children, plus the adults in attendance. Due to more busloads of children still on their way, the Apostle took the decision to delay the start of the divine service by 10 minutes. A great buzz of excitement and expectation was evident, prior to the start of the divine service, which later burst into life in the congregation’s powerful rendition of the opening hymn “Oh, how I love Jesus” (Hymn 102 NEH).

As basis for the divine service, the Apostle used Matthew 25:14-15 as the Bible word. The Bishop Jerome Cook was called to serve along.

The Apostle elaborated to great extent on the blessing associated to using one’s talents in the work of the Lord. He pointed out that lots of sacrifices were made in the past to build the work of the Lord and that we see the success and blessing thereof today. There is no point in concealing the talents God blessed us with and the more we utilize it to bring joy in His work, the more we will experience His blessing every day. This divine service, he said, served also as preparation for the cherry on the cake, when Chief Apostle Schneider will conduct a special service for children when he visits us in May.

At the conclusion of the divine service, the Apostle and Bishop took to their recorders and joined the recorder orchestra, as accompaniment with the closing anthem. To further add to their joy, all the children were issued with special treats by the Sunday School teachers after service.

The joy and excitement generated by this divine service was the talking point among teachers and children as they left for home. This was truly an event that would last a very long time in the hearts of the children.