On Saturday 15 June 2019, Apostle M Diedricks held a planning meeting with some of the leadership of the Cape Winelands Apostle Area at De Kuilen Congregation.

The meeting started with the singing of the hymn, “Help us to help each other”. Apostle Diedricks described this hymn as a basis for how the area will work in future. The leaders must work together and help each other to further the work of the Lord. This meeting served as a basis for the area plan of the year ahead.

Apostle Diedricks referred to the vision and mission statement of the Church and said that Jesus Christ is the centre of His Church, where everyone should feel at home. As a spiritual basis for the meeting, Apostle Diedricks used a word out of 2 Timothy 4:7-8.

Then it was time for those present to be divided into groups for discussions. One of the topics of discussion was the safety of our church buildings and whether they were compliant with the safety regulations of the country.

Thereafter, it was time for group presentations and then fellowship, before everyone headed home.