On Sunday, 15 September 2019, the Apostle M Diedricks visited Idas Valley

Congregation in Stellenbosch. The church building was fully seated when the Apostle arrived and the air was filled with an expectation of blessing.  The Afrikaans opening hymn, “Sing Hom ‘n Loflied” was sung with much feeling and paved the way for the Apostle to bless the congregation.  In the divine service 9 souls received the gift of the Holy Spirit – 5 babies, 2 children and 2 adults.

The Apostle retired the Priest Aubrey Minnaar who served for 11 years in the priestly ministry and Deacon Jeffrey Christians who served 7 years in the deacon ministry. With the retirement of the priest and the deacon, the congregation was blessed with two newly ordained priests to serve the congregation.

After service the Apostle had time for a photo with Oom Jan Sampson who celebrated his 96th birthday on September 04th and still walks approximately 2km to church on a Sunday.