Divine moments of bliss and blessing could be experienced by the congregation of Roodewal

in the Worcester District on Wednesday 9 October 2019, when the Apostle M Diedricks served them.

During his sermon, the Apostle placed the focus on thankfulness. We should thank God for our salvation and His redemptive grace. The Apostle mentioned that we should endeavour to let thankfulness to God and Christ manifest itself in the works that we do, and how we treat our neighbour. This will help to draw the good pleasure of God upon us.

In this divine service 12 adults, 1 child and 22 babies were added to the flock when they were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. In addressing the parents and adults prior to the dispensing of the sacrament, the Apostle encouraged them to remain true to God, and to allow thankfulness to become part of their daily existence.