On Monday, 22 June 2020, the Young People of the Cape Winelands Apostle Area hosted a YP’s meeting via Zoom and Facebook Live.

With a growing attendance, the evening had a two-fold agenda. 

The first topic of the evening covered the "Christian Scene Investigation” (CSI) - looking at broadening our understanding of certain festive days that we celebrate as New Apostolic Christians. The topic was presented by two of the Young People Spiritual Leaders, namely PR Marvin Swartbooi and PR Mark Fredericks who discussed Pentecost and Service for the Departed respectively.

The second part of the session included an interview with District Elder Allen Jullies from the Stellenbosch District. The District Elder was interviewed by a young sister, Taryn Sampson and he shared a wonderful insight into his life and gave the young people some good motivation for the future.

The Young People now look forward with anticipation to the next encounter on these “new normal” online platforms.