Thursday 4 March 2021 was a special day for the members of Beverley Park Congregation.

Apostle Lambert came to bestow blessings on them. Invited to this divine service were the confirmands and parents from Beverley Park, Idas Valley and Rustenburg. Some 50 members entered the hall in anticipation of the heavenly blessings, while beautiful solo renditions and organ music created a festive atmosphere.

The soloist rendered the opening hymn, “Hallelujah! Jesus leads me!”, whereafter the Apostle remarked, that though it was unusual to come to church on a Thursday evening, “It is not for your physical body that we come here, but for a bigger, better future with Christ.”

During this divine service, six confirmands received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

After the closing prayer, a soloist crowned the divine service with a powerful rendition of “Prys tot die Vader”, thereby concluding a most blessed and unforgettable time in the house of God.