On Sunday, 16 May 2021, biker enthusiasts visited the congregation of Forest Village.

There was great excitement amongst congregants as the thirty-three bikers entered the parking area with their roaring mechanical horses. The enthusiasm was clear on the faces of the Sunday School children in attendance. 

Not only did the bikers come and share spiritual fellowship but they were also bearing gifts. These gifts took on the form of a donation for the Sunday School. The donation included stationary, books, musical instruments, small chairs and tables, gift vouchers and a cash injection.

The handover ceremony commenced with a welcome by the Rector. This was followed by a brief history and objectives of the biker enthusiasts presented by a spokesperson of the bikers. Thereafter, the congregation events coordinator also explained how the project was initiated. The handover ceremony was concluded with a note of thanks by the Rector to the bikers.

This was truly an extraordinary and a most memorable event which will live long in the hearts of the congregants, especially the Sunday School children. It will also be remembered for the selfless generosity from human beings to fellow human beings.