On Saturday 8 March 2014, Rosedale-CT congregation undertook a mission trip to Sutherland.

Rector Helper K Meyer was accompanied by Priests C de Jager, P van Wyk, K Philips, M Andrews, G Cloete and M Peters as well as Deacons J Jonkers, R de Lange, A Mentoor, M Mert, R Pillay and retired Community Evangelist E de Louw who had previously served as a rector in Sutherland as well brother R Parker. The group departed Cape Town at 04:30 on Saturday.

The members of the Sutherland congregation gave the visitors a warm welcome and the visiting group was more than ready to stretch their legs when they put on their walking shoes and participated in the congregation Fun Walk.
The final stretch of the walk led them back to the church where refreshments were served. Priest Andrews used the opportunity to facilitate organ lessons for young brothers in the congregation. Thereafter they settled in at their accommodation for the night.
An hour was spent preparing for the divine service the next day when the ministers engaged in spiritual discussions. After the divine service there was still time to sing with the Sunday school children who were participating in a music lesson. They also reserved time for the sick and frail who were unable to attend the divine service and served them at their respective homes before leaving again for Cape Town.