On Thursday 30 March 2017, all ministers, their wives and children from the entire NAC Southern Africa District Church, gathered for a special service which also served as a soul care visit with a difference.

The service was conducted by District Apostle J Kriel from the Dinwiddie church in Johannesburg. All connected congregations shared in the live broadcast with a Bible word from 1Timothy 5, a portion of verse 8. "But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith".

With his opening remarks, the District Apostle expressed his deep gratitude to the ministers for their willingness, dedication and commitment to serve the Lord. He also thanked their wives and children for their sacrifices of love. He also conveyed a special thanks to the retired ministers and their families.

The District Apostle shared his vision and sincere wish that every family, including himself and the Apostles, deserves a soul care visit from their Priest.
He further underscored the theme of the evening that "strong families build a strong church!" by encouraging the ministers to find the right balance between serving God’s people and spending quality time with their families, since "charity begins at home."

Referring to our interpersonal relationships, the District Apostle also encouraged the congregation by saying, "Let us do our best to fix what is broken!"

A most blessed evening culminated when the District Apostle, as an exception, served the souls in yonder world. In his address he brought to order the significance of this holy event by discouraging certain practises that crept into ways of remembering our deceased loved ones.