"community“ is the name of the international member magazine of the New Apostolic Church. 

Publication issues available for download:

community 2021/4 download small (6mb) or download (9mb) 

community 2021/3 download small (4mb) or download (9mb) 

community 2021/2 download (9mb) 

community 2021/1 download small (3mb) or large (10mb) 

community 2020/4 download small (3mb) or large (8mb)

community 2020/3 download small (3mb) or large (8mb)

community 2020/2 download

community 2020/1 download

community 2019/4 download

community 2019/3 download

community 2019/2 download

community 2019/1 download

community 2017/2 download

community 2015/3 download

community 2015/2 download

community 2015/1 download