The New Apostolic Church Cape accepts that it has a social responsibility towards the communities in which it serves. Within its means and wherever possible the Church is committed to assist those in need and especially those who are in need of humanitarian aid in times of disaster.

In principle, the Church enters into collaboration with reputable organizations already serving the communities. Funding for assistance is also mostly generated through congregational activities such as benefit concerts and fun walks. In this respect monetary donations and donations in kind have already been given to institutions such as the Red Cross Children’s Memorial Hospital and Child Welfare SA.

In general, initiatives can be centrally organized and run by the Church, or congregations can identify and undertake their own projects. The collection of toys for underprivileged children, activities organized for the physically challenged and soup kitchens to feed the hungry can be mentioned here.


Our Congregation decided to have our community outreach program on Tuesday, 02 June 2015.

On Sunday 7 June 2015, a small group of Sunday school teachers and children decided to warm the hearts and bodies of the occupants of the Haven night shelter by donating winter blankets to them.

Since the announcement was made of the Community Outreach Project by which all the congregations were to reach out to the less privileged, the congregation immediately started preparations in support of this.