Since the announcement was made of the Community Outreach Project by which all the congregations were to reach out to the less privileged, the congregation immediately started preparations in support of this.

On Tuesday 2nd June 2015 the members who were available on the day, visited Bezelia Primary School where 450 children were served with soup and bread. From their Joy and Thankfulness expressed on their young faces, it was clearly evident of their gratitude for what they had received. After all the soup has been served and consumed the Principal and the Head girl of the school extended their gratitude on behalf of the entire school body.

On Thursday 4th June 2015, the available members once again undertook to participate in this marvellous outreach initiative and all headed towards Protea Park Primary school where 850 children were afforded the opportunity to be served a warm cup of home-made soup and bread. Despite the cold of the weather, we were received with warm open arms and hearts by the entire school body.

The Principal of the school was overwhelmed by the generosity of the Church and expressed his excitement and gratitude as no church has ever extended this act of love and warmth to Protea Park Primary School ever before.

After all has been served and done, he again extended his gratitude to the New Apostolic Church on behalf of the entire school body.