As part of their social outreach programme the choir of Strand Gustrouw Congregation visited House Van Niekerk, an old age home in Strand on Sunday 7 June 2015, where they held a Music Hour for those senior citizens.

 The members were warmly welcomed by the residents and staff. They were very thankful for the humble act of kindness in taking time out with the senior citizens. On arrival the hall was prepared for the choir and all were overwhelmed by the reception of the senior citizens and staff. The smiles on the faces of the seniors were signs of joy and anticipation.
The music hour was opened with a prayer. An electrifying atmosphere was experienced as senior citizens awaited the singing of the choir. When the singing started the excitement on the faces of those in the audience were indescribable.
A project that truly touched the souls of many. . . . To be able to create so much joy in the hearts of others was an amazing experience for the members.
The choir expressed their wish to become more involved with projects of this kind.