The Youth of the Silvertown Bishop Area, along with the Bishop P Lambert spent their 67 minutes for Mandela at the Heatherdale Children’s Home and the Silvertown Educare Centre.

They handed over bars of soap that were collected from members throughout the Bishop Area as a token of support to the Home for the great work that they do for the children in their care. The Youth sang a few hymns in the hall and forced the Bishop out of retirement from his choir duties, because he had to conduct the choir. The children thanked them and took their visitors on a tour of the facilities.

The next stop was the Silvertown Educare Centre where the diligence of the youth was needed. They were required to help with the garden work and general beautification of the premises. The youth were happy to help out and did it with a smile on their faces. Everyone left with a greater sense of fulfillment and appreciation and are looking forward to the next opportunity to fulfill their social responsibility.