After an initial rush to get to the church in Tafelsig, the congregation of rectors and their wives settled down to a reverent silence which was intensified by the programme of music before service.

Then the opening hymn resounded with conviction: Star to which I’m looking.
In his opening prayer the Chief Apostle in particular petitioned the heavenly Father for special blessings on the rectors and their wives as they represent their respective congregations. The Bible word 1 Peter 5:1&2 was then read out as the basis for the sermon of the divine service.
At the commencement of his sermon the Chief Apostle thanked the rectors for the task that they perform and emphasized that the apostles rely on the work that the rectors do. He also thanked their wives and assured them that there is an awareness of the sacrifices that they make.
The Chief Apostle then elaborated on the Bible word and in particular focussed on the suffering and death of Jesus. He emphasized that this was for all souls – for every brother and sister. And it is out of love for Jesus we help and comfort those who suffer because when we do this we do it for Jesus.
The Chief Apostle called on District Apostles Andersen and Ndandula to assist in serving. The highlight of the divine service was then reached with the celebration of Holy Communion.