On Saturday 17 December 2016, Leiden Central was the venue for a festive concert held for our Chief Apostle.

Over the past few months, Leiden Central congregation has been home to Masakhe, which is a programme that creates a safe space for learners. The Masakhe initiative has fed 16 050 children in the past 4 months.

The Chief Apostle, along with his esteemed guests, which included retired Chief Apostle Leber, were welcomed by a joyful group of people outside the church hall.

The Chief Apostle explained that the concert was held for 3 different reasons:
-God sent his Son to save us.
-To express our gratitude for what God has done through the District Apostle.
-To prepare our hearts and souls for tomorrow's divine service.

With close to 750 members in attendance, the Sunday School Choir and orchestra presented themselves in the finest form. The programme started with "God bless us everyone" and set the tone for the evening.

The singing by the Sunday School Children's Choir was simply breathtaking and the hard work put in by all the participants was blessed with a beautiful concert.

After the conclusion of the concert, the Chief Apostle addressed the ministers of Leiden Central congregation. He expressed his gratitude to the ministers and said he understands that they work in a gang infested area. With this he offered words of encouragement and reminded them that Jesus suffers with us and wants us all to reach the kingdom of God.

Those in attendance left the hall with a warm and festive feeling in their hearts. This served as a blessed preparation for tomorrow's divine service which will be held by our Chief Apostle in Silvertown.