On Sunday 01 January District Apostle J Kriel conducted his first New Year’s Day divine service as the leader of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa when he served the combined congregations of Caledon and Uitsig. 

The District Apostle was accompanied by Apostle J Cronje and Bishops I Adams and J Cook. Also invited to this service were the retired Apostle W Diedericks and his wife.

The district apostle shared the New Year’s motto with those who had gathered: Glory be to God our Father. The Bible word that served as a basis for the sermon was taken out of Philippians 4 verse 20. The district apostle started his sermon by asserting the significance of making time for the Lord amid the hustle and bustle of life.  The Church of Christ ought to honour and glorify God. By seeing God in His creation and in our neighbour, we are able to adjust our conduct to become more Godly.

Apostle Cronje and Bishop Adams stood as proxies during the serving of communion for the departed. This sacramental act was concluded by a moving rendition of Hymnal 457: There is a glorious land presented by organ and baritone soloist.

After greeting the congregation the district apostle took some time out to pose for a few group portraits bringing to a close a most glorious encounter at the altar of the Lord.