On Saturday 4 March 2017, Vredenburg South was the venue for a festive concert in preparation for the service for the departed with District Apostle John Kriel.

The music programme for the concert featured themes surrounding the love and grace of God. The concert started with "Ascend my song" and set the tone for the afternoon. The singing by the Sunday School Children's Choir was simply breathtaking and the hard work put in by all the participants was blessed with a beautiful concert. After the conclusion of the concert, the District Apostle addressed the members and expressed his gratitude and joy. All those in attendance left the hall with a warm and festive feeling in their hearts. 

After an extra special preparation the previous day, members from the congregations of Vredenburg South, Vredenburg Central and Laingville enjoyed the highlight of the weekend: a divine service held by the District Apostle. The Bible word for the divine service was taken from John 14:6. Apostle Thompson and Bishop Bucchianeri were called upon to assist in serving. After the celebration of Holy Communion, the acts of Holy Baptism, Holy Sealing and Holy Communion were administered to the souls out of the realms of the departed. The choir concluded the divine service with a rendition of the hymn “Thee God praise we bring”.