A weekend after the blessed visit of our Chief Apostle to our district church, the apostles and bishops gathered for a conference at Dennekraal.

This first meeting for 2015 had already been planned in January 2014.
Such conferences are always focussed on:
• Revisiting and evaluating the Church’s goals;
• Introducing any necessary new course direction; and
• Introduce new goals.
These gatherings take place over weekends to allow those bishops who are not employed by the Church to also participate. The meeting commenced at 08:30 on Saturday 31 January with an opening prayer by District Apostle Barnes followed by the sharing of thoughts on a spiritual topic. Time was also spent reflecting on the message of the Chief Apostle during his recent visit.
Thereafter, various chairpersons of committees presented their plans for the coming 18 months. This covered, among others, information on
• The launch plans of the Church’s charity arm, Masakhe NPC;
• The future of the burial fund, especially after the successful launch of the Living Benefits policy;
• The way forward for NACTV;
• The means of enhancing the Church communication internally and externally;
• Property management, focussing on the maintaining of churches and the commissioning of new places of worship
• The key portfolios that function at congregational level.
A meeting of this nature also provides the church leaders with the rare opportunity of informal fellowship. This is due to the fact that many of these leaders, because of distance, only have the opportunity of seeing each other outside of a formal church gathering about once or twice a year.
On Sunday morning, all the apostles and bishops were cross-booked to hold divine services in various congregations around Cape Town. The Bible text: “Him we preach . . .that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus” (Colossians 1, a portion of verse 28), served as the basis for the divine service, further consolidating the key message of perfection that was delivered by the Chief Apostle the previous week.
Immediately after the divine service, they again gathered at Dennekraal for the second day of the meeting which concluded in the early evening of Sunday, 1 February 2015.