The district apostle and all apostles of the New Apostolic Church Cape converged on Graaff-Reinet leading up to the weekend of 21-22 March 2015. A conference was held there to address aspects of importance to the Church for the future.

As part of the extended programme a choral concert was arranged to take place in the town hall on Saturday 21 March 2015 at 16:00. In addition to the district apostle and all the apostles, the mayor of the town was also in attendance.
The performers and audience were in a jovial mood as they entered the venue well before the concert was scheduled to start. Proceedings were commenced with a communally sung opening hymn and a prayer by the district apostle.
The programme presented contained an entertaining variety of musical pieces. There was a mixture of classical, gospel and isiXhosa traditional renditions with a combination of soloists and quartets. The quality of the singing captivated the audience and created a festive atmosphere.
Upon conclusion of the concert the audience expressed their appreciation with rousing applause and left for home after the closing prayer in joyful anticipation of the divine service the following day.