We are a month away from the festive Divine Service for Children that Chief Apostle Jean-Luc Schneider will conduct in Lavistown church.

The service will take place on Saturday 11 May 2019 at 3 pm. This service for the children is of special significance as it is the highlight of the events that have been arranged for what has been declared the 'Year of the Child' in the District Church of Southern Africa.

On the following day, at the same venue, a divine service where various congregations are combined, will be conducted by the Chief Apostle. In this service, the Apostle A Kriel will be retired.

Both the aforementioned services will be audio-visually transmitted to all receiving stations on our network.

It was already in December 2018, with the Chief Apostle’s visit to Pretoria, that a children’s choir welcomed him with the following words: (click below to see video)

“Someone heard the DA (District Apostle) say that the Chief Apostle will come one day.

What a wonderful occasion it will be! He will conduct a service for you and me!”

“How can we prepare for this?"

"In Christ, we will be faithful each day, our mom’s and dad’s we must obey!”

“Dear Chief Apostle: this is for you! With hearts and minds, we are waiting for you!”

The final countdown to the much-anticipated visit of the Chief Apostle has begun!